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Baking machine: maintenance and maintenance of the machine

Author: Source: Date:2016/7/22 13:48:15 Visits



Baking machine of the law stick shaping machine day maintenance content:

1. Clean the upper and lower scraper and roller: Open the outer cover, open the squeegee at both ends of the squeegee to the inside, and then move the scraper to the right to remove the scraper, clean the scraper with a soft cloth, The sticky dough is clean and clean. (Note: the power must be turned off during cleaning.)

2. Conveyor belt and uplift blanket cleaning: open the front cover, you can see fixed under the belt of the two extension spring, pull the extension from the top of the belt removed, and then remove the uplift wool blanket, Brush clean conveyor belt and uphill wool blanket. (Note: cleaning can not be wet towels or water directly clean, so as not to conveyor belt and wool blanket mold, deformation)


Baking equipment of the law stick shaping machine Weekly maintenance content:

1. Clean the plastic machine around to keep the machine clean.

2. Hands into the cashmere blanket and put up the top, remove the recycled wool blanket, you can clean the wool blanket and recovery board, clean.

Baking equipment of the sticks plastic machine maintenance of the month:

1. Check the drive parts inside the machine.

2. Add butter to the chain.

3. Check the conveyor belt tightness and deviation.