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Baking machinery commonly used machinery --- playing egg machine

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    When the egg maker has not yet been invented, people want to make a cake and have to use chopsticks or some molds for agitating eggs. But later gradually chopsticks because there are relatively large defects in the mold, playing eggs in the time to be too long to break up evenly to the egg yolk, as to play the bubble had to be longer. Then people invented some of the whisk mold, the whisk on the use of materials are mostly stainless steel or sheet metal, size is also different.

    Gradually manual whisk in the production of more baking products when not applicable, because the repeated action is easy to make baking master tired, in order to liberate his hands, people invented the electric egg machine, but the electric egg machine development To today, roughly divided into two categories, one is for the family, while the other is used in the production industry.

    Home electric beat egg machine:

    Home electric beat egg machine is generally divided into two kinds, one is portable, the other is with a bucket type. Hand-held general power is 180W to 300W power, while the seat is generally 300W to 500W or so. If the choice of portable, generally the best choice between 250W to 300W, because the power is too small, then easy to burn, and the speed is not high, slow to send Choose the bucket type, in addition to pay attention to the power of the problem, the quality of the bucket, cleaning is convenient and other issues are also worthy of attention.

    Production industry with electric egg machine:

    Production industry with electric egg machine, the general food factory for the production of small cake, small West Point and the like, but because of the excessive production, home-style egg machine does not apply. The more common production of the egg machine is a hand-round egg beaters, generally in the purchase of these production industry with the egg machine will be distributed with a number of different shapes of the mixer, the function is varied, and the gear is the use of automotive engines Gear, wearable.