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Baking robots themselves can bake cookies

Author: Source: Date:2016/7/19 14:02:05 Visits

At the age of 26, Borini from Detroit named the robot "Baking Robot". He is co-founder of the Global Research and Innovation Technology Company, a new company that manufactures cross country wheelchairs for people in developing countries.

When Bolini made a good program for the robot, it used the laser eye to determine which ingredient was in each bowl, and then the recipe was done in the same order as the person was baked. Chocolate A recipe for Afghan biscuits says that the butter and sugar are mixed together so that the robot is so dry. And then mix the flour, cocoa powder, and finally add Bu Bu Mi. To help the robot to distinguish sugar and flour and other colors of the same ingredients, Bolini put them in different colors of the bowl. The hardest step is to stir, the robot is often a mess. It will occasionally put his hand into the dough center and then stir too much, but also the contents of the bag down to the floor instead of the pot. "It has a lot of interesting ways of failing," said Bolini.

Bolini spent a lot of time cleaning up the floor of MIT Labs. This robot wastes a lot of ingredients, but with the passage of time baking skills getting better and better. Bolini or college students spent two years on the project. When the robot worked, Borini sat back and looked. Finally, the biscuits are so tasty. No one has ever taught robots to bake cookies before.